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March 09, 2023


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What I picked up from your first paragraph about ARTIFACT was "artificial news." Haven't we had enough of that? (tongue-in-cheek, but still . . .)

"Ludos" is the accusative plural. The use of "in" and the accusative with the verb credere is found only in Church Latin. I think that is what they want, though, because I think they are echoing the Credo of the Latin mass, which begins with the words, "Credo in unum deum" ("I believe in one god").

The Latin expression for "droit de seigneur" is "ius primae noctis" (right of the first night). Note the e at the end of the second word.

I marvel at the coincidence that, given the history of the Colt brand, Threecolts' founder "has a passion for high standards." High Standard is a long-defunct American maker of target and sporting pistols.

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