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January 16, 2023


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Vegemite - just like Marmite only more repulsive. It tastes like batteries; it tastes like asses, indeed.

Thank you for the song by Amanda F***ing Palmer as she was frequently known. Am I the last great fan of The Dresden Dolls?

Thanks for pointing out the connection between marmite and Marmite.

I didn't like Vegemite much as a child, but I eat it occasionally on toast or bread or crackers. I find it works best with butter or margarine. I sometimes add cheese. The key thing, I think, is to use it sparingly. If you spread it thickly like jam, then it overwhelms.

Musk sticks are great, although I probably haven't had one in the last 50 years. I could perhaps understand why someone might not like them, but to categorise them as 'disgusting' seems over the top. If I recall correctly, they were also called 'penny sticks', because they cost a penny. I bought penny sticks in early primary school, 1963 to 1965, because Australia changed from pounds, shillings and pence to dollars and cents in early 1966, and the name would have changed then. The way to eat a musk stick (at least among my classmates at my school) was to put one end in your mouth and suck it while twirling the stick. With skill or luck or both you can make a tapering point, like a pencil, or even more elongated. I can't remember if we would consume the whole stick that way, or whether, having achieved a sharp point, I would would just chew the rest.

I've never tried witchetty grubs (note usual spelling), but one of my sisters, who worked in Central Australia among Aboriginal people, tried them, but was not impressed. What she did like was the honey ants that the local Aboriginal people would dig to find. Some ant species have certain worker ants whose function is to be a living store of nectar for bad times. These ants take in nectar brought by other ants and their abdomens swell until they are the size of small marbles. I understand that one just bites off the ant's abdomen.

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