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January 01, 2023


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The first email I saw this morning was a notice of your blog post with "pessimism" as the Word of the Week. I then turned on the radio as the news began with a feature on the public's pessimistic view for 2023 (mainly due to the economy, but also due to political and personal worries as well). Then the first text I received today was from a friend who'd just seen my choice for "Word of the Year" on my website (Here: https://www.thedickinson.net/words-of-the-year-2022.html). The text read, "Awww...you need this dose of optimism," and she provided this link: https://tinyurl.com/2hxny2kr

The "dose" is a bit lengthy but offers some glimmers of hope from 2022 when "folks both abroad and at home stepped up to the plate" -- but Imma be honest: I need more. I have a severe case of PTSD (Post Trump Stress Disorder). #justsaying

Oh, of course the mug's sold out on Etsy. Of course.
*sighs heavily in pessimist*

I've always wanted to produce and market a "Dare to Fail" rally, a realist convention. It would feature selected glum philosophers, journalists, and comedians.
But it would probably be boring, and no one would come. It would never work.

I've always thought English could do with fewer pessimists and optimists and more malists (things are bad but could be worse and bonists (things are good but could be better).

(I'm one of those people who piss off survey writers because I don't strongly like, dislike, agree with, or disagree with anything.)

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