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January 19, 2023


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Having eaten my fair share of Buffalo wings, I think I understand why "balance of Buffalo and mayo" and "spicy" are separate questions. The Buffalo style (I resist calling it simply "Buffalo") is a flavor; it has gradations from spicy to mild. It probably started out as spicy, and then milder versions were developed to make it palatable to more people.

Thank you for your intrepid reporting. Now I don't need to drop 15 bucks on a jar of maybe-not-up-to-FDA-specs mayo.

Well, I’ll pass on the opportunity to create an extra-spicy sentence with the added buffalo, but I do remember an odd “linguistic construct” I came across years ago that included the word “had” eleven times in a row. It went like this: “Mary, while Bob had had ‘had,’ had had ‘had had.’ ‘Had had’ had had a better effect on the teacher.”

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