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May 23, 2022


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re brainwashing: if you haven't seen "The Manchurian Candidate" (the 1952 original, not the remake) lately, I recommend it. You've got Henry Silva, of Goan ancestry, playing a Korean; Khigh Diegh (birth name Kenneth Dickerson), an African-American, playing a giggling Chinese brainwasher; Angela Lansbury (born 1925) as the mother of Laurence Harvey (born 1928); Janet Leigh falling instantly in love with a sweating, twitching Frank Sinatra in the bar car of a Pennsylvania Railroad train... it's just one loopiness after another. When an assassin shoots a liberal Senator, the victim happens to be holding a milk carton, so when the bullet hits him, milk, not blood, pours out. Can't beat it with a stick. And don't overlook David Amram's music score, which says "JFK-era modernism" in every note.

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