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February 24, 2022


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Grouch Marx wrote about visiting England and being introduced to their vernacular. He said something to the effect of: "It gave a whole new meaning to The Battle of Waterloo."

Canadian here, curious about bum! What do Americans say instead?

Janelle: Butt or ass, usually. With children one night say "behind" or "seat."

I'm rarely comfortable with 'pre-orders' and similar words. 'Orders' seems to be sufficient.

I've never seen mail addressed to '[Name] or current resident'. Why don't they just say 'The resident'?

Also, is there a name for the type of humour you've displayed in your last line – introducing a topic without developing it? I admit to using the technique myself, at times. Searching the internet for a name is hard because I can't think of suitable search terms.

Michael: “Apophasis ”

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