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November 29, 2021


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Yes, the big o and little o of the Greek alphabet is something I only learned myself some years ago. It's funny how you immediately go "Eureka!" when you learn it and realize how obvious it is.

By the way, I note that some UK papers are using "omi" now as a short form. I wonder if that will trend or just remain a one-off headline space-saver?

Well it's about time some of the lesser known Greek letters get their time in the spotlight. I mean, everyone's heard of alpha, beta, delta, and omega. And pi, of course. That one gets way too much screen time. Even lambda and theta get some of the attention. But omicron? Who's ever heard of that?

So will they skip pi when they name the next Variant of Concern? I'm sure pi's agents are vigorously lobbying for them to skip it too. Don't want the name sullied.

Dan T: Omicron shows up in quite a few names of fraternities and sororities, and in some names of fifteenth chapters of fraternities and sororities.

There's Alpha males, gamma rays, delta blues, Omega Man. And there's whole books written about Pi. Sorority and fraternity names are pretty weak sauce compared to those.

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