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May 31, 2021


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Another worthless and unneeded "contribution" from Hip-Hop so-called culture! I consider myself an expert in the field, my stomach having been turned by trying to watch about 5 minutes of "Growing Up Hip-Hop" on whatever cable channel carries it.

The Romans of Diocletian's time didn't think they were seeing the signs of inexorable decline, and neither do Americans today.

Vasily: No doubt the people who first heard "shyster" in 1843 thought it was an abomination, too.

Language changes. Constantly. And the world keeps spinning.

While "sheisty" isn't anti-Semitic from any connection to Shylock, it does have anti-Semitic implications, because of the belief that the most effective lawyers are the Jewish ones, due to their shiftiness, and "Shyster lawyer" became pretty synonymous with "Jew lawyer."

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