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June 01, 2020


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There is a combination in Farsi language which explains the meaning of Loot in a different way,
"Laat o Loot" means a group of people who are very poor and own nothing.
"Loot" is a word that has been used frequently in Sufism, as a characteristic of a Sofi; someone who owns nothing.
Interestingly, Loot in Farsi also means "naked", connected to the fact that the Loot people don't even possess clothing.
In older Farsi, it is pronounced as "root" which is the source and origin, another connection to the nakedness. This also might be the connection to the old English rōt.
And of course, the "Laat O Loot" type people have a long history of anarchism, riot, and stealing.
In modern Farsi, Laat O Loot simply means trouble makers.

One other relatively new use of "loot": loot boxes or loot crates, which are collections of random items in video games that players can either earn or pay real money for. Some people spend ridiculous amounts of money on loot crates hoping to get particular items, which they then sell to other players, sometimes for even more ridiculous amounts of money. Some countries now consider loot crates a form of gambling and regulate it as such.


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