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May 18, 2020


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Hmm…I believe that Chantix should add, “Users must believe what Chantix believes,” because if the users don’t believe what Chantix believes, then I believe that Chantix won’t help. Without an aligned belief system, disappointed users might as well chant “Owatta Goo Siam” (invoking a goose, not a turkey) nine times. Perhaps that’s the origin of Chantix -- CHANT IX? Okay, that joke was a turkey, I know.

This post also reminded me of that old TV game show “Concentration,” where game pieces were turned two at a time to reveal a picture puzzle. In one episode, the picture was of a nose, a man pushing a lawn mower, and a king: NOSE, MOW, KING (“No smoking”).

The phrase "slow turkey" strikes me as clever, since they seem to be promising something less radical than cold turkey. As for their coyness in describing how the drug inhibits nicotine uptake, that just seems like normal marketing. (I'm a little mystified about the mechanism of "scrubbing bubbles," for example, based on that company's description.)

This did make me wonder about "talk turkey," tho

I've been wondering if the Chantix turkey is male or female. I think it's androgynous, or at least, not entirely male. An effort to broaden the market target?

Shouldn't quitting gradually be cool turkey, or maybe lukewarm turkey? Certainly not slow.

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