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May 15, 2020


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"Anti-Trump Republicans" is a cynical misnomer. It's an attempt by Republicans to distance themselves from Trump, to legitimize Republicans. In fact, all Republicans own Trump. They own, and are his sociopathic, race-baiting, children-in-cages, anti-science, corrupt, lying, and stealing collaborators. If you're in the Republican party, you cannot claim to have ethics, compassion, empathy, or reasonableness.

The Republican Party has been creating MonsterTrump for at least 40 years. They own the Big Wet Boy. We should not let them, or anyone else, forget it.

Dan, your comments are employing the fallacy of personal attack. Your writing creates a schema of all Republicans in a pessimistic defense of your pathos. Forgive the straw man analogy, but you probably know a republican who lives down the street and keeps their political views to themselves. They go to work every day, participate in their community, their kids go to school with yours, and you like Joe Shmoh and his family, you have been friends for years.

Then your families attend the same festival and say Hi to one another and talk about the newest invention or breakthrough in biology. Then you find out Joe is a Republican, and now he is no longer the hardworking, friendly, compassionate neighbor interested in biology. His associations are suddenly without ethics, compassionless, apathetic and unreasonable. Your perspective is hurt, but both you and Joe still go to work everyday and live next to one another.

Hypothetical - Dan, Susan, Joe and Mark are meeting for lunch. Susan and Joe have $5 each [maybe enough to pay for an app], and Mark has $1 [not enough to buy a drink]. Dan has $100 and is willing to pay for his friends. Who decides where we go to eat?

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