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March 16, 2020


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I don’t think I saw “pandumbic” on the list — coined (I believe) by The Daily Show.

Two new coinages for future novels in next decade about living in the covid19 crisis ..."corona-fi" and "corona-lit"

Sdjewishworld.com search window has recent article on the terms


Aaron: I saw "corona-fi" in my email inbox this morning! I'm sure we're going to continue to see other coinages.

Adrian: In my follow-up column for the Visual Thesaurus (paywalled for three months, sorry), I discuss both coronageddon and coronapocalypse, along with other coinages not covered here. https://www.visualthesaurus.com/cm/wordroutes/new-virus-new-words/

I learned of The Mavericks (musicians) this weekend. How did I miss that for the last thirty years. The Mavericks songs are on at least several quarantunes playlists. Quarantunes?!? songs to listen to during the quarantine? How did I miss that too? This feels like the day i found out that everyone knows about Santa Esmerelda and Chuck Mangione. I thought they were my secret vices, my guilty pleasures. But everyone likes them. It is true, i am not hip!

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