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March 13, 2020


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Invasive pests seem to follow a similar naming process: Asian Carp, European Starling, Kudzu, Japanese beetle, Burmese python, English sparrow, Norway rat (believed to be of Asian origin, according to PestWorld.org.) The "othering" of plants and animals?

Some friends at work were talking about the Corona virus and we decided we were also susceptible to the Modelo virus.

Noxious weeds in the Real Northwest with which I am familiar: Eurasian milfoil. Canada (and Scotch and Russian) thistle. Russian knapweed. French (and Spanish and Scotch) broom. Mediterranean sage. Oriental clematis. Bohemian (and Japanese) knotweed. Dalmatian toadflax. European coltsfoot. Ravenna grass. English ivy. Himalayan blackberry. Japanese eelgrass. Russian olive. Italian arum....

Oh wait! There's Texas blueweed! Whew.

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