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February 18, 2019


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Annnnnnnd... it's Dr Pepper, not Dr. Pepper

Cacography criticism as career - who knew?

Bob: Here's what Benjamin Dreyer has to say about that: "The absence of a period in the name of this soda pop is much discussed at copyediting bacchanals."

The earliest example I can remember is KOOL cigarettes, the first menthol cigarettes, I think. Packages and ads had a green logo with overlapping "O"s."Willie the Penguin" was the mascot, until the 60s. I remember radio commercials (and maybe TV): Anncr: "Willie the penguin says, 'Smoke KOOLs'" (in a falsetto, as you would expect from a penguin.)

Dan: Kool cigarettes were introduced in 1933. Cheez-It was introduced in 1921, and Tastykake in 1914.

Years ago, I called a German orchestra the XX Cacaphonic Orchestra (can't remember which, now, even though it should have been memorable as such); also, a few chamber groups.

I wonder if Little Caesars uses a similar rationale in its decision to go apostrophe-less.

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