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December 06, 2018


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Some random, pre-coffee thoughts:

I wonder whether we can posit that the appearance of "daddy" in popular culture has come from multiple sources (?). Perhaps one strain via the Zombies, sure, and another via African-American culture? And to what extent is "daddy" used in branding as a contrast with "baby"? It would be interesting to see—which you've probably already done—a similar piece on "baby" In branding.

Ok, off to put the kettle on now.

Mike: I have not written about "baby" in branding, but a quick survey just now over at USPTO.gov reveals that (a) there are a LOT more "baby" marks than "daddy" marks (5,326 for baby, 757 for daddy), and (b) the vast majority of "baby" marks are for baby products. One interesting exception is GLASSYBABY, a glass-blowing studio founded in Seattle and now based in Berkeley. They don't explain the origin of the name on the website; maybe I'll do some digging!

There was, briefly, a brand of potato chip called Daddy Crisp. Images of their bag are all over the Net, but the first time I saw them, they were in a Pringles-like can.

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