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August 20, 2018


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I'd forgotten that the measles vaccine wasn't available until that late. Fortunately my siblings and I survived them. I'm in Minnesota—that outbreak seemed like a time-warp. We seem to be in one now. We need more of your brand of editorializing. Thanks.

Thank you for this, Nancy. I'm older than you are, and in the 1950s our parents were very aware of how dangerous the measles could be. I remember the fever, the hallucinations, and how much light hurt my eyes. I loved school, and I hated missing so much of the end of first grade. Calamine lotion helped only a little, although it felt good to have my mother's caring hands smooth it on. There wasn't much else she could do, except read to me from the other side of the room, by a tiny lamp to illuminate only the book.
By the time my children were born, it was simply obvious that they would be immunized against measles among other things. There was no way I wanted my children to suffer such an illness.

Good one, Nancy. Interesting word and an interesting political problem. I also had measles and remember the hellish itching very well, even though I was only about five. Nicely worded warning at the end.

The 30 percent who died was of those who got pneumonia, not those who got measles itself, according to your link

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