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March 30, 2018


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Nancy, the Geico ad annoyed me too, and when you sailed into Limerickland, I felt my blood pressure rise. My vote for greatest ad limerick of all time was the (unused) one for Carnation Milk, submitted when they ran a contest.
You probably know it, but it's so much fun to post here.

Carnation Milk is the best in the land,
Here I sit with a can in my hand.
No tits to pull, no hay to pitch,
Just punch a hole in the sonofabitch.

Duchesse -- That Carnation rhyme is indeed famous, as are its many variations. However, it isn't a limerick (merely an A-A-B-B quatrain), and the contest story was, alas, fabricated: just "a joke-turned-urban-legend," according to Snopes. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/carnation-slogan-contest/

Oh right, realized that not a limerick a while later. But I did believe the contest story, sine I read it in David Ogilvy’s book ages ago. Thank you!

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