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July 20, 2017


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I guess I straddle the decades, or something. Last year I bought a Simmons Beautyrest -- from Mattress Firm.

Mattress Firm is now in Massachusetts; when I noticed it, I thought the name was mildly clever (fwiw). Don't most people think they want a "firm" mattress, whatever the truth? And "firm" (as business) sounds more tony than "company."

My beloved mattress and box spring set (15+ years old) is another "S" name: Stearns and Foster (http://www.stearnsandfoster.com/).

That was a fun read. Now I think I'll go lie down.

One tiny correction: Mattress Firm isn't confined to the West Coast; it's also well known here on the East Coast. In fact its Wikipedia page says it operates in 48 states.

Mattress Firm also recently bought out Sleepy's, which was by far the biggest mattress retailer in the NY area. Sleepy's had previously bought out Dial-A-Mattress, which was marketed as "1-800-MATTRES." Their endless tv and radio commercials told you to call "one eight hundred M-A-T-T-R-E-S and leave off the last 'S' for Savings!" Sleepy's had previously bought out Kleinsleep, which was also big in the NY area. Kleinsleep's also endlessly bombarded the airwaves with their tagline, "Have more fun in bed."

Mitch: Thanks for that fabulous slice of NY mattress history. And thanks to all who corrected me on Mattress Firm's geographic scope.

Anyone recall New Englander mattresses? Never really saw advertising but they were frequently the prize given away on the Price is Right or Let's Make a Deal.

I bought a Leesa not too long ago, and I've heard/read the naming story...now if only I could remember where I saw it so I could reproduce it here. The basics as I remember them: The founders had a friend named Lisa. The idea occurred to them to name the company Leesa (I don't know if they said why they wanted to use a different spelling), and it's strengthened by looking kind of like the word "sleep" (maybe that was why!)—albeit with the majority of letters in a different order—and by the graphical treatment of the word sitting on a platform, i.e., the very word and platform together look kind of like a bed.

Well, I live in Colorado, so you can only guess what comes to mind whenever I see the Saatva name! None of these really move me, least of all GhostBed - I cannot fathom how you put together ghost and bed to create something enticing.

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