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May 24, 2017


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Frieda Kahlo was the first connection that came to mind. But there is no reason why that would be relevant to the company, either.

The first association that came to me was "kaolin," the clay used in "Kaopectate." That may be my scatological mind in action, though.

Dan: It's impossible to prevent people from creating associations with a name based on personal experience, reading, and so on. But it *is* possible for a brand to shape perceptions and create new associations. Creating a name is just the first step; developing and disseminating a strong brand story must follow.

I, like you, Nancy, was appalled that "kalo" aligned its brand values with attributes that no sensible brand would ever want to be associated with. "Lightweight" being the first. I would question freelancers of quality who would want to be associated with a lightweight provider. The next words that jump to mind are fly-by-night and capricious. Neither of which would be compelling to aspiring talent. You make the case admirably and I of course admire the little bit of self-promotion woven into your text.

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