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February 01, 2017


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And being distinctive does NOT mean spelling it SMAHT or SMARRT or thinking you'll be classy by using INTELLIGENT instead of SMART.

Twelve thousand two hundred forty "smart"-y trademarks? This hasn't jumped the shark; it jumped the coelacanth in prehistoric times.

(But thank you for checking.)

A smart belt named "Welt?" Sounds like what you would find on your backside after a good whuppin' with a belt. Also, "Welt" is German for "world," for whatever that's worth.
The use of "digital" intrigues me too. It's usage is similar, but more specific than "smart." At Costco, I saw "Digital Socks" for sale. What's next, digital porkchops?

Dan: Digital socks cover the ten digits of your feet. Obviously.

"… It's usage"— It's mortifying.

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