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February 16, 2017


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I first encountered the Double Dactyl form as the subject of New York magazine's weekly competition around 1970. As I recall the rules were:
1. First line of first quatrain must be a reduplicative phrase like "higgledy piggledy."
2. Second line of first quatrain must include at least one proper name.
3. Second line of second quatrain must consist entirely of a single word that is a double dactyl.

My (unsubmitted) entries:

Plinkety plinkety
Johann Sebastian
Labored away at his

But was his Anna so
Trying to care for his
Numerous young?

Pocketa pocketa
Lenin and Krupskaya
Motored straight on in the
Petrograd night.

Never for them any
Swerves to the left or the
Menshevik right.

"Klavierübung" doesn't quite scan.

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