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November 09, 2016


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The whole project is a dog's breakfast. Once upon a time I would have said this was an "after lunch" job, with a bunch of boyos sitting around digesting their beef and martinis. (I was there.) But I don't think they do that anymore, so god knows what they were thinking. Clearly, whoever edited this was too young to be around words like "befitting."

Feelin' damn grumpy.

I have had the privilege of having been a subject of HM The Queen for my entire life. "Revolution" is not a political term pertinent to a constitutional monarchy.

Also - and contrary to the silly "befitting" image up there - having a woman at the helm is not particularly earth-shatteringly novel for a monarchy with almost a thousand years to its credit.

Queen Victoria?

Queen Anne?

Queen Elizabeth I?

Queen Mary?

JJM: The only way the copy makes sense is if you substitute "Hillary Rodham Clinton" for "Queen Elizabeth," which is how (I'm almost certain) the copywriter intended us to interpret it. A woman president would indeed have been revolutionary. Unfortunately, the crystal ball failed.

Three episodes into the series, and the storyline so far is about as opposite from revolution as one could imagine: the young queen has in no uncertain terms been told that her own identity, along with the home and name of her husband, is to be sacrificed on the altar of tradition. (Even without seeing the remaining episodes, which we certainly intend to do, we have some historical context that suggests that revolution is not likely to be a plot turn in this series.)

Mike: Exactly. It's all about clinging to the remnants of empire and dignity, always dignity (to borrow a phrase). Wait till you get to Episode 4, "Act of God," about the lethal fog of 1952 and Churchill's "it's just weather" response.

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