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August 08, 2016


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To the Goldwater Rule, Godwin's Law, Kinsley gaffe, Bradley effect, Dunning-Kruger effect, I would like to add another political eponym; The Freiberg Fundamental.
The Freiberg Fundamental states: Anyone who wants to run for President of the United States and wins is psychologically unstable.

Then there is Trump l'oeil, (after the French trompe l’oeil: a style of painting in which things are made to look like real objects, thus fooling the eye), a charlatan with self-idolatry, tyranny-worship disorder. A Trump l'oeil typically uses 'trumpisms' (sarcasm covered in today's post here), as a means to convey the illusion of being a three-dimensional object or worse, a human who knows more than anyone else. Trumpisms are so infectious they’ve been know to lead to mass hysteria, even the plague.

There is evidence of this virulent infection in the followers of a Trump l'oeil called Trump l’oile-ists or loyalists. They are often deluded into making bad bargains. As, in the case of Chris Christie, a longtime friend of Presidential Candidate Donald, who lost out on his hope to be the Donald's Vice-Presidential Candidate. The New York Times today cites that when Christie became governor of New Jersey, the long-overdue $30 million in taxes by the casinos founded by Donald Trump were reduced to a cool $5 million. Since his tax returns have not been made public, we don’t know if this was paid, which is a trumpism that goes beyond talk into action. I think this is called using the Trump card but I am not a poker player.

Really, I'm just being sarcastic. Well, not THAT sarcastic.

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