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July 12, 2016


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Superb theming across the line. And I see from digging deeper they're right on the money with "Hell" - "hell" being German for "light," their Hell beer is a German-style lager. Beautifully executed!

Hi. I'm sure you know there's also a bicycle company named Surly. http://surlybikes.com/.
If I had to guess, I'd say their "big dummy" is the best known model.http://surlybikes.com/bikes/big_dummy

Dan: Had not known about Surly Bikes! Thanks!

Huh. Turns out Surly bikes is also in Minnesota. I doubt there's a connection, but I guess there's something in all those lakes that makes people surly?

My friend's baby name is Michelob. They got this name in the list of American baby names on www.babynology.com which was suggested by me. Initially, they thought of the name Merica but somehow her family got convinced with the name they had chosen and later on realized that they had given her on the beer name.

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