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June 08, 2016


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Have a lovely break! :-)

Happy anniversary, you. ;)

Now enjoy your time off, however long it may be.

Nancy. I look forward to reading your blog daily because I learn something new from you every day. Your insights into branding are always "spot on." You have been an inspiration to me!

We will survive without you for a while (just a little while please!). But I wanted you to know that you will be greatly missed! Enjoy your break!


Enjoy your well-deserved break! Whenever your blog posts come out, it's a bright spot to my day.
When you come back - can I nominate a local sloganclone for coverage? If I see one more "city of ____ love" on a billboard while I drive in/around Philadelphia, I'm going to develop some serious road rage.
Here's two I saw in one day:
Pepsi: "City of bubbly love"
McDonald's: "City of breakfast lovin' "

If they're trying to appeal to locals, they're better off without such a tourist-y tagline. Take Vitaminwater, who made an effort to incorporate real local slang:
Incorporating a unique word that Philadelphians take pride in:

I will give Pepsi credit for being more subtle in another Philly-area ad:
"Down the shore" is something locals actually say, but not everyone realizes is local slang. I still think this ad's a little clunky, but at least it's a better attempt at localizing their ad language than a brotherly love pun. Barf.

SamC: Thanks for the suggestion! It's all news to me, and certainly worth some reflection when my head returns to Bloglandia.

Happy anniversary! :) Thanks for all your interesting posts.

Thank you and I'm glad you'll be back! Admiring and appreciative reader, here!

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