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April 15, 2016


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What on earth is "cooler and warmer" even supposed to mean? The temperature changes sometimes? The whole state is lukewarm?

Jonathon: My best guess: "cooler" as in "We're hip!"; "warmer" as in friendlier.

>horrible jargon – like donate, contact, and interview – that we somehow got used to

And yet we somehow don't learn from this that new vocabulary/usage is not the end of the world.

PS "to impact" got a negative response from a roomful of editors at their recent conference. Yet it's been with us for, what, 60 years?

The main thing the Small Luxury Hotels ads do is call attention to themselves as ads. The agency has done a disservice to the client, while annoying and patronizing (I think) the market. Oh yeah, and giving no information about the product.

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