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January 06, 2016


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Thank you, thank you for your sharing on the less than humorous history of this place before its current misfortune.

There's probably an Instagram for happy place names, too - or maybe should be. There's a town in Scotland we went through called Rest And Be Thankful, and it ... made me wonder every time I heard it. (Was that "be thankful" bit an order, or...?)

@Tanita: Rest and Be Thankful was made famous by William Wordsworth, who borrowed the town's name for the title of a sonnet. http://www.arrocharheritage.com/HistoryOfRABT.htm

I've never been to Scotland, but I've seen "Rest and Be Thankful" inscriptions on benches in spots around the Bay Area that afford especially good views.

I find myself wishing for a single word to describe these glum place names

One alternative might be odynonyms (<<> ὀδύνη odýnē ‘sorrow’), but the other compounds with that root in English relate to physical pain (odynometer, odynophagia, anodyne). And the devil knows what a derivation from οἰκτρός oiktrós ‘lamentable’ should look like; ectronyms doesn't seem to strike the right note.

I vote for dysfronym (<<> δύσφρων dýsfrōn ‘sorrowful’).

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