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November 12, 2015


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>In appropriating a trope associated with 20-somethings [...]

But isn't it arguable that that's the demographic they're aiming at? I shudder to think that pizza rolls are for anyone _other than_ a demographic of younger folk. Haha. I would not at all be surprised to see the Totino's ad playing during a sports event on TV, for example.

Side question: when you say "word hard and play hard" has been around for a while, are you referring only to that combination? If I'm reading the OED right, "hard" has been around as a flat adverb since Anglo-Saxon times, much longer than 1893. (??) Sorry to be thick here.

Mike: >In appropriating a trope associated with 20-somethings [...] < It always strikes me as inauthentic and a little patronizing when advertisers try to sound like the cool kids.

And yes, sorry -- I meant specifically the "work hard and play hard" formulation.

Mike: To clarify a bit further, the use of "hard" to modify [some hedonistic activity] is what's relatively new. The contrast is between play/party/Hawaii/couch (the "newer" activities) and work/fight/push, etc. (the older activities).

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