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September 18, 2015


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Have you written about Cadillac's upcoming alphanumeric soup names? Apparently all their new cars will be CT-number and all their new SUVs will be XT-number, except for the Escalade, of course, whose name has far too much cachet to abandon.

I'm not a fan of alphabet soup names to begin with, but I'm having a hard time seeing the rationale behind the change. It seems like it'll only confuse consumers.

Jonathon: I haven't written about that particular naming convention, although I've written about the general use of "X" in model names: http://www.visualthesaurus.com/cm/candlepwr/the-x-factor/

I'll leave the Cadillac CT/XT story to someone else: I prefer to write about names with a little more story!

The mine's name should be 'Premier', according to most internet sources. I haven't been able to track down which reporter introduced the error.

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