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July 31, 2015


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Always a big fan of myth-breaking. I've was involved in the naming process of two new products in the last year, so not an expert by any stretch. My biggest frustration was that the clients, probably having heard some of these "rules" themselves, always ending up going for the plainest, most descriptive, and most vanilla names. It's maddening to spend time and money trying to come up with an interesting and memorable (and, yes, URL-available) name and then have word come down that they're going with something like "PlastiCup plastic cups" or "Digital Loans loan software."

When I started ZebraHost.net 15 years ago I was looking for a way to stand out from all the other hosting companies with geeky names that included words like cyber or inter. My thinking was that most people would remember the word Zebra when they would have trouble recalling one of the geeky names and might be curious enough to check us out.

Of course a name is not enough to guarantee success, you need to deliver what you promise. By focusing on providing the best possible customer service we have reached a point where the ZebraHost.net name is synonymous with Excellent Customer Service, at least to our customers many of whom are still with us after 15 years in a rapidly changing business.

For years I assumed that "Boston Market" was a specialty grocery store. Recently I found out that they are a fast food rotisserie chicken restaurant. I believe that names should relate to the product.

There are so many patent drugs that the name does not correlate to what the drug is alleged to do. I love the elephant but I can't tell you the name of the drug or exactly what the drug does.

Long names can be shortened: IBM, RCA, JVC....
If Lucky Goldstar is a bad name try LG.

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