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March 02, 2015


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In the ponyverse, TwiDash is the OTP.

My 18yo daughter and her friends use "shipping" to describe real-life people (their classmates, usually) they would like to see become a couple, as in, "I'm shipping Joe and Sue—they're so cute together!"

Here's a delightful short film by a young Asian-American director, Yulin Kuang: http://youtu.be/y4-o9pAWsCc?list=PL9KxVMEYAaYLjBMe_jMoWnVJ1O5BGMhLA . The title, "I Ship It," is a line in the film which is essentially a romcom set in in the world of Wizard Rock i.e. fan music based Harry Potter. I liked the film so much that I sought out Kuang's Patreon because she's a voice I'd like to hear more from.

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