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January 12, 2015


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My daughter, who is my source of information about all things hipster, said that she has not heard this term, but observes that that's probably what they would call the bottle what they sell ginger beer in at the hipster ginger beer places:


... which are very hip. (Observe quasi-lumbersexual in photo.)

I could take it upon myself to do field research on this topic, since, in spite of its offputting hipster aura, Rachel's ginger beer is actually quite good. :-)

Mike: That is indeed what Rachel's Ginger Beer calls those distinctively shaped bottles:

>>can't decide on your favorite ginger beer flavor?
>>order a variety 4-pack and mix and match all of your favorites. your order includes four 32oz growlette bottles of your choice of rgb flavors. shipped in a refrigerated box. *Price includes refrigerated box.<<

There's nothing like a moist growlette on a hot day, I suppose.

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