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October 01, 2014


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Oh, man, I grew up eating these as well, and indeed, Oreos were... different and far sweeter.
I had no idea they were so old -- explains the name. And, what a difficult name - there's just nothing edible sounding about Hydrox... and yes, a "doxy" cookie is far worse! Why are they trying so hard to keep such a difficult name?

> Kellogg’s bought Keebler in 2001 and lost no time in sending the Droxies and Hydrox brands to their crumbly death.

Thereby committing hydroxide?

Aaaand thanks for nothing because now, all day, I'll be singing "Won't you open up a cookie, a drox-filled cookie, open up and say 'Hi Drox!' Hydrox! Do yourself a favor, say hello to flavor, say hello to me the drox! Hydrox!"


Nancy Davis Kho: I knew I could count on you for jingle support.

In Modern Greek, ωραίο (ωραίον in Classical Greek) means "good-looking, beautiful" - it's the neuter form of the adjective ωραίος - ωραία - ωραίο. In Classical Greek (and also as a relic in Modern Greek) the word for mountain is όρος. It's quite easy to see where the confusion arose from.

As an aside, in Greece we've had this kind of sandwich biscuits since the 1960s, which is as far back as I can remember, and obviously long before that. All local biscuit companies made them. The filling was mostly chocolate-flavoured, and very occasionally with other fruit-like flavours such as banana. The biscuits were usually brown-coloured (or light-chocolatey, if you prefer). About twenty years ago, your Oreos invaded our market. I don't know if they are locally made or imported from another EU country, because frankly I don't care very much for their taste, and the dark (almost black) biscuit is a bit off-putting for my taste.

Thank you very much for your blog, which I've been enjoying for the past couple of years.

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