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August 20, 2014


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I wonder if they're thinking of fun in the fun-sized sense (which really isn't any fun at all). Maybe they should have told their marketers, and not prospective clients, to go fun themselves.

I'm actually offended - not by the almost swears but by the breathtaking arrogance of the campaign and the steady destruction of the English language.

I'd like to see a return campaign of potential Toyota customers going to showrooms, discussing prices and part-exchanges, perhaps even taking a test drive before cheerfully telling the salesperson to 'Go Fun Yourself' and walking out. Turn the tables on this guff.

In Italy, for the past year or so Suzuki has been promoting its own city car, Swift, under the slogan FUN.COOL. and the subline un'auto così non la presto a nessuno ("I won't let anyone borrow such a car"). To Italian ears, fun cool sounds just like fancul(o)", i.e. "f*ck off". I find it in poor taste but it might be appealing to a market segment with limited English knowledge – the ability to understand the multilingual pun is probably gratifying to potential buyers. http://auto.suzuki.it/swift/

I noticed the word cool also in the Aygo ad, which makes me wonder if the similary in Toyota's and Suzuki's lexical choices for the Italian market is just a coincidence.

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