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August 01, 2014


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I confess to using "funnest" and loving it. In the right context, it provides depth and emphasis and, well, FUN to the conversation. It says "hey, you expected me to be stuffy? Well, let me show you!" And yet "funner" just doesn't do it for me. Go figure.

"Funner" and "funnest" make me cringe when I hear adults say them. Usually they are spoken by the same people who say, "Me and her..."

Having viscerally negative reactions to language usage is its own reward, sez me. The linguistic equivalent of being shocked by what those kids are wearing today. And about as useful, in the end.

> Usually they are spoken by the same people who say, "Me and her..."

Aha. Class-based distinctions. We definitely do not like people who talk that way.

Nope, not necessarily class-based. Some people I hear that from ("me and her") are highly educated, with MAs, working in an academic-type profession. It appears to me to be age-based, that is, under 50.

Susan: Thanks for clarifying.

Mike: Correction: We definitely don't like those highly educated young academics.

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