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July 11, 2014


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Did you see the cover of the July/August Foreign Policy? I just noticed that yesterday and thought, "Huh, what a weird cover." The deletions and arrows reminded me of a football play.

Tanita: I hadn't seen it, but you're right! http://www.foreignpolicy.com/magazine (Not sure how long that link will show the cover in question.)

Perhaps closer to paralipsis/apophasis than Schrödinger-like? (Schrödinger implies the state is both/unknown until you look.)

But, really, I just wanted to gripe about the spacing in the HP ad: the fact that there seems to be more space between un and the rest of the word, which rather undermines the effect for me.

Jamie: Yes, I suppose those terms might be more technically accurate, if not quite as flavorful as "Schrödinger's ads." And yes, the spacing on the HP ad is annoying!

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