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July 03, 2014


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Re strategy& — Booz & Company has long had a really excellent publication called strategy+business, as well as the domain www.strategy-business.com. I just checked, and both are still working, with a new masthead (strategy&) saying, "strategy+business is published by PwC Strategy& Inc." This makes their use of an ampersand even more interesting, since they already had a respected identity for strategy+. (It also shows an unresolved style issue regarding capital letters.)

You might also be interested in Wert & Company — www.wertco.com — an international executive search firm that uses the ampersand as a design element as well as visual reinforcement for what they do — connecting people. Each page of their website has an ampersand in a different typeface (with a library of options that change with each click), and their Twitter avatar has a really gorgeous one. I have been quite envious ever since they unveiled the new site.

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