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June 20, 2014


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Ah, summer in San Francisco. I recall the gaiety and hypothermia of the 4th of July, standing at the top of UCSF and listening to the fireworks thudding invisibly in the fog.

World-class post title, by the way.

One of my Facebook friends posted this with the same billboard,

"Obviously this company has never been to San Francisco during the Summer
It should be
"Its Summer in SF
Time to Turn up the heat""

I see the billboard advert as having to remind me its summer; to turn my thermostat down from 80, to 72 in fact and save some money (even though its colder than...). And do it all thru my phone.

How would you translate this billboard? How did she confuse it?

@Pink: I read it as "It's summer in San Francisco--you'll need to turn on the heat, but Nest can help you save on heating bills because it's a 'smart' thermostat."

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