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March 26, 2014


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Great post! Very invigorating and I now feel in the know.

I read another article about superlatives and the story of a boy who wrote to an orange juice company as it said its juice was the "most tastiest" and that was bothering him. The post suggested it was on purpose marketing speak. I do like the razor though. Looks funcionaler. :)

I like the "Revengier" promo, since it gives a big wink to how over-the-top the show is.

As for X + Y, a new entrant to the Denver dining scene is Olive & Finch (http://www.denverpost.com/restaurantreviews/ci_25362672/dining-review-olive-amp-finch-fine-addition-uptown). Add that to Williams & Graham, Colt & Gray, and Beatrice & Woodsley, among others. Oy.

There used to be a restaurant chain named "Steak and Ale." I think they went bankrupt a few years ago. The best thing about the name was that it could be Spoonerized to "Ache and Stale."

Having made an offhand remark on the cheapening of "hero" in my last blog post, your article about that word caught my eye. Very good. Something you might have missed, though, that might reverse this trend:

Are you familiar with the verb "an hero"? It's a sarcastic colloquialism that deprecates that cheapening of the word.

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