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August 26, 2013


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I have had, over the years, some spectacularly weird dreams, and a few of them -- but only a few -- I remembered well enough to turn into blogfodder. I'd actually consider using this sort of thing, once my sleep patterns stabilize a bit.

Many years ago someone gave me a Zen Alarm Clock as a gift. Though it's not marketed specifically as a way to remember dreams, it is designed to wake you up slowly like this Shadow app. In my case, the chimes were so lovely and calming that they didn't wake me up at all -- they just allowed me to drift about in my hypnopompic state -- so the "alarm" part of the alarm clock didn't really work for me on days where I really needed to, like, go to work. So that experiment was kind of a bust, but I did keep the clock because it was so pretty.

Like you, I'm a little puzzled by this "data set" language to describe dreams, but I do think dreams are a great source of creative ideas, and I write down all of my weirder ones. So I might give this Shadow app a shot. Thanks for the link!

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