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June 18, 2013


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I'm in Emma territory, but we have loads of Sophias and Sophies too. When my Grandma Sophie was in her 80s, 90s, and even up to 101, I would tell her about all the new baby Sophies hitting the streets. She always said, "Vy vould anyone give their baby a bubbe name?!"

Karen: In his 2000 New Yorker essay "Like a King," Adam Gopnik wrote about the parallel (and earlier) trend in boy-naming: "the New York law that compels you nowadays to name your sons exclusively after the men your grandfather used to take a shvitz with" -- Max, Harry, Jake, Sam, Charlie, "the whole senior staff of Benny's Market: Lowest Prices in Town." http://bit.ly/12HaKH5

I'm pleased to say that when I saw "gamification" I did not immediately catch on; I was hearing the wrong vowel in the first syllable.

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