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June 11, 2013


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I'm not sure Scott Kim would call our city's logo an ambigram since something similar can be constructed fairly trivially with any doubled word phrase. We could always ask him: he lives over in Burlingame now. Perhaps, "rotationally symetric" logo? Oh, who am I kidding: Scott's a really gentle guy and would hardly object to a slight expansion of the term.

I was one of his roommates in grad-school, and I was there when he (along with some other interested parties) was settling on "ambigram" as the generic term for what he was doing. He realized that it would be useful to have a generic term of art as well as a specific name for his approach. He went with "inversion" for his specific output. He did a lovely one with our names for my wife and I for our wedding. It is always striking to watch him create one in real time as you watch.

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