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May 08, 2013


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Damn! I'm guilty of Think-branding, too. The Think Harder (Concrete) brand was developed way back in 2009. Though... if it can work for underwear then by-God it can work for freakin' building materials.

Semper ubi, sub ubi.

Great list, though you're missing one, new underwear brand: Wood.


Anthony: Hey, the week isn't over yet!

The point about underwear is that you don't want to have to think about it. For that reason and every other one you've enumerated, and ultimately because the mark is BORING, it's a fail in my book.

That's the THINX mark I'm referring to, of course.

I would agree, Helux did a fantastic job of branding and tradmarking. Their product may not be as life changing as a few of the others but it is practical and appealing. Branding is such a large part of product success. I think the others just missed the mark.

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