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May 01, 2013


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Sounds like titles to me; they just lower-cased them.

Why wouldn't they, at least, say "solver" or "creator." Maybe he resisted that 'cause then he'd be a "shaper," and that just sounds like a ladies undergarment.

I suppose at the very top there is a preside.

Are their customers "users," "targets" or "marks"?

I was with them up on the idea of banishing job titles. They have become so silly and inflated recently that I think abolition could be a bold solution. But to replace them with some newspeak synonyms for executive, manager, developer etc. is just silly. They haven't got rid of titles, they've just changed them.

I'm all for the evolution of language, but this is being different for different's sake, which most of us learned in junior high is pretty lame.

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