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April 18, 2013


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That's not Chinese, it's Japanese. I can't read the kanji, but I can tell that the first katakana word (starting on the second line of the ad) says "speed".

Erin: Duh, I should have recognized it. I see so many Chinese-language ads around S.F., I made a quick (and dumb) assumption without looking closely. I don't think I've *ever* seen a Japanese-language ad here.

My daughter thinks it might be the same as the first one (about cable cars)

It says in Japanese: The adimab technology made antibody discovery progress remarkably from "cable car" to "bullet train".

More literal translation:
Thanks to Adimab's technology, the speed of antibody discovery has evolved from "cable car" to "Shinkansen".
("Shinkansen" = Japanese high speed train, equivalent to TGV / France, ICE / Germany, etc.)

I like Brian's translation! I'm learning each day to improve my translating skills! (Japanese/English)

If you Google

Adimab "stands for"

the first link will tell you that the meaning is "Antibody Discovery Maturation Biomanufacturing."

I assume the ads create buzz at the conference. Many of the people attending the conference are tourists by night and on the weekend. Even R&D scientists enjoy a little humor and whimsy now and then.

Thanks, Alex. As I wrote, the conference took place two years ago. Why continue advertising on San Francisco cable cars?

JP Morgan conference happens every year at that same time.

Thanks, Jon! I hadn't realized it was held in S.F. every year. In that case, I guess it pays for Adimab to keep the ads up year round.

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