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April 12, 2013


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As long as we're talking about golf, this is as good a time as any to tell you about one of my least favorite trademarks of all time: Titleist. I know they mean it to sound like "title-ist", and they decided to spell it Titleist because Titlist looks like "tit-list"; but guess what? "Titleist" looks like "tit-leist"! There's just no way "Titleist" is going to look or sound like "title-ist" without putting a hyphen into it. They should have picked a different mark altogether.

I 100% agree about "tit-leist"! I think it sounds like a German name for a small bird or flower, like "edelweiss."

In response to Bob: Back in the early 90s when I worked at the law firm that handled the TITLEIST marks, that interpretation of the mark never crossed my mind. Nor did anyone in the frathouse milieu of the firm at the time ever suggest it - and I would've heard it, as I heard everything else imaginable. A NY patent firm before sensitivity training ... those were the days.

Meanwhile, if I were to spot swag reading "IER" I'd just assume it was some dorks from the International Egg Rollers. Or the Irate Estonian Royalty. Or Idiotic Ending Republishers.

Preach on, Brother Bob. "Hey, it's one of those 'tit-least' balls!" got me the dirtiest looks. How was I to know?

When I was a pre-adolescent reading Sports Illustrated in the 60s and seeing ads for titleist golf balls, it just never occurred to me that it was title-ist as opposed to tit-leist. It looked like it must be somebody's weird name, that's all. It was years before I caught on.

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