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March 17, 2013


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Good points:
Nice clean layout on both iPhone on iPad.
Images appear neatly within the post.
I like the fact that you label the previous and next links with the titles of the post, as next and previous can be ambiguous.

For your consideration:
Text seems to have unnecessary space between lines (looks double spaced).
Default font on iphone is very small and difficult to read.
Navigation links to previous and next posts are squashed up very close to top menu bar, making them difficult to click on without accidentally clicking on menu links.
It would be nice to have previous/next links also at the end of the post, so you don't have to scroll up again when you have read a post and are ready to move on.

screen capture from iPhone:

Hi Nancy. It's very plain but it's definitely easy to read on my iPhone 4.


Looks just fine on my LG Thrive Android 2.2.1.

I don't have a mobile device, but I think it would help to bump up the text size a bit. Other than that it looks great.

Well, since I do not use any mobile devices, on a "real" computer, the page now extends 'way to the right. To have everything in view, I either have to make the window much wider or the text too small to read easily, neither of which I want to do on a laptop. On the other hand, maybe I really don't need to see your picture, "My Web Site," "About," "Naming 101," and all the rest down that right-side column! Really, I'm interested in the blogging.

Hi Nancy

I don't have a smartphone, but on my wide-screen monitor, with the browser maximized, the text still runs off the right side.


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