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March 28, 2013


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My first associations are (1) Brooklyn Academy of Music and (2) Emeril Lagasse adding seasoning to an étouffée.

RootlessCosmo: Yes, words and names often have multiple applications. See Dove soap and Dove ice cream bars, and many other brand multiples: http://nancyfriedman.typepad.com/away_with_words/2012/08/but-thats-a-car-name.html

As long as none of the other meanings is negative, there's no reason an architecture firm can't use "BAM." My quibble is with the dissonance between the firm's name and its personality and mission.

To me if it's BAM and it's in NYC, it's Brooklyn Academy of Music. I don't think it reaches a "likelihood of confusion" level for trademark infringement purposes, but I'm sure it causes some level of head-scratching. It'd be like MOMA Plumbing Services.

To me it just suggests something more amazing and with more impact than just "Wow!".

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