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February 26, 2013


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"Just add good" seems like a pretty counterproductive slogan. It's not in there to start with? I've got to add it? I'm going to look for something that already has the good in it.

David C: I think the yogurt is supposed to be the "good" that's added to the main dish. As the awkwardly phrased copy in the first screengrab says: "Simply substitute conventional ingredients with our rich, creamy Greek yogurt."

Better still, substitute good writing for bad.

I had the same reaction as David. "Just add ..." is a known formula. "Instant ___: just add water." In my opinion, that's a bad strike against this bit of writing, worse than the charge of tedious trendy nounification.

As for "substitute ___ with" where I would expect "substitute ___ for", well, it startles me every time I see it, but I think it may be perfectly normal for many speakers/writers of English. I seem to remember that it was discussed at LanguageHat a few years ago. (I'm not saying anyone has to like it. I don't like it myself.)

Empty: Well, maybe that's why Chobani has abandoned "good" and taken a shine to "real."

Am I right that, whereas Diamond Nuts owns Emerald Nuts, there is no connection with Blue Diamond Almonds?

I loved the acrostic E-M-E-R-A-L-D-N-U-T-S campaign of a few years back. There will never be a better ad for a nut.

will there be added comppund noun REAL GOOD soon?

Maybe an organic desserts place could claim it's Realing the Good.

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