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February 21, 2013


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This is great, Nancy. "Ablixa" reminded me of another, um, calming product in a movie: The suicide product called "Quietus," which shows up in several commercials and ads before being used by a character in "Children of Men."

Apparently, an actual medication also goes by that name: http://www.notarealthing.com/2010/04/quietus-you-decide-when/

Coming up with fake products and their identities and stories for films sounds like the world's greatest job (next to proofreading restaurant menus for free meals, of course!)

Clachnit: "Children of Men" was such a great movie. Thanks for the "Not a Real Thing" link!

Great article and thoroughly fun movie. My son and I saw it as a plate cleanser after Django and Mama earlier in the week, and we both thought it was the best.

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